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12 Jan 2024

Business Administrator - Apprenticeship

Based at Manchester Regional Office

Roller Shutter Doors

20 Sep 2023

Installation of 3 new insulated roller shutter doors

Pickerings Loading Systems worked with Ricardo Automotive & Industrial to upgrade their cold-room roller shutter doors.

Maften Hall, Luxury Bespoke Passenger Lift

11 Jun 2023

Luxury Bespoke Passenger Lift in Historical Building

Matfen Hall Country Hotel, Spa and Golf Estate

Refurb of two scissor lifts

01 Jun 2023

Scissor Lift Refurbishments for National Retailer

Why replace when you can modernise?

Edinburgh bar, platform lift replacement

16 May 2023

Platform Lift Replacement

A very popular bar and restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh approached Pickerings for a replacement platform lift.

WF3 Kindness & Pickerings Lifts, Mobility, Loading Systems

30 Apr 2023

Our central office supporting WF3 Kindness

Well done to our Central Office team based in Tingley, Wakefield, who have selected WF3 Kindness as their office Charity of the Year.

Hospital lifts

10 Apr 2022

Two Hospital Lift Modernisations

Pickerings Lifts worked with Capital Services to modernise two x 33 person bed lifts at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Jersey War Tunnels - Lift Refurb

09 Apr 2022

Lift Refurbishment, Jersey

Pickerings Lifts undertakes work at the Jersey War Tunnels

Escalator Repair

08 Apr 2022

Escalator Repair for a Retail Store

Find out how we went above and beyond for a client when a building contractor accidentally broke their escalator, days before the store launch.

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