LOLER Certification - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

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Owning A Lift

If you are responsible for the safe operation of lifts or hoists at work, which are used by either employees or members of the public, you have a legal duty to ensure the equipment is thoroughly examined by a competent person at regular intervals and inspected. A thorough examination should include the following:

  • Landing and car doors and their interlocks
  • Worm and other gearing
  • Main drive system components
  • Governors
  • Safety gear
  • Suspension ropes
  • Suspension chains
  • Overload detection devices
  • Electrical devices (earthing, bonding, fuses, etc)
  • Braking systems (buffers and overspeed devices)
  • Hydraulics
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Competent Person

A competent person is someone who has sufficient technical and practical knowledge of the lift to be able to detect any defects and assess how significant they are. It is also important that the competent person is sufficiently independent and impartial to allow them to make an objective assessment of the lift. For this reason, it is not advisable for the same person who performs routine maintenance to carry out the thorough examination, as they are then responsible for assessing their own work.

It is unlikely that the required competencies will already be available in house, the Health and Safety Executive and Insurance companies recommend an accredited inspection organisation such as Pickerings. 

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Record Keeping

You are legally required to ensure that reports of thorough examinations are kept available for consideration by Health and Safety Inspectors for at least two years or until the next report, whichever is longer. They may be kept electronically as long as you can provide a written report if necessary.

If you have chosen to have your lift examined according to an examination scheme, you must ensure that you can produce a written scheme for inspection if necessary. If you cannot, an inspector will assume that the lift is being examined at statutory intervals.

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