Championing quality, safety and the environment


We are committed to working closely with you to give you a level of service which goes above and beyond. We will provide you with the highest quality products and service, but also making sure that they are fully compliant with all legislation, whilst helping reduce risk and environmental impacts at all times.


We are proud of our reputation for consistent excellence earned through decades of dedicated support in the field. We thrive on continually building this reputation by finding new ways to add tangible value and exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe by working in partnership with our customers we can assist them in reaching their goals.

At Pickerings Lifts, we are certified to BS EN ISO 9001 and undertake regular internal audits of our operations to ensure continuous improvement of our standards.

In addition, our customer-driven product management teams continually focus on understanding how our equipment is used so they can design products to meet and surpass our customers’ ever-changing needs.

We also constantly refine our processes to deliver the products customers require without wasting resources. Simply put, we believe in what we do, working together to continuously improve our quality, expertise and value from design and manufacture to installation and beyond.

Pickerings Lifts is committed to sound government practices so that we continue to build on the good reputation we have established throughout the UK. We have also been accredited to design level D1 under the lift directive 95/16/EC. This is the highest level available for Conceptual Design.

Health & Safety

As the UK’s Leading Lift Specialist and one of the largest service providers in our field with an extensive branch network, we can provide unrivalled assistance through innovative systems and procedures developed in-house by our experienced people. Our engineers are fully competent, qualified and understand the hazards and risks associated with lifts, escalators and loading systems.

The control measures and improvements necessary for working safely on existing and new lift, escalator and loading system installations can vary considerably and therefore, we undertake regular risk assessments to ensure the continued safety of all our people.

Pickerings Lifts is certified to the new ISO 45001 regulations (which replaces OHSAS 18001) and works to the LIFT REGULATIONS 1997 and BS7255 (safe working on lifts).

We always inform our customers of any changes to legislation, lift engineering standards, codes of practice or other recommendations which may affect them. Should any specific improvements be necessary to equipment, we will inform the customer and provide them with a detailed quotation to undertake the necessary work.


At Pickerings Lifts, we aim to make it easy to work with us. We also want to add value. To achieve both these, our local offices throughout the UK are closely monitored and managed to ensure the most cost-effective use of resources and manpower. This focus on efficiency through local coverage not only reduces lead time for call-outs and repairs, but lowers the environmental impact created from fuel usage and emissions from our vehicles.

We are certified to ISO 14001 and as such undertake regular internal audits of our operations to ensure control measures are effective.

We monitor our environmental aspects and impacts, reviewing these on a regular basis to continue our drive for business improvement, in line with our approved Environmental Management System.

Our vision is to contribute through our diverse businesses to a society in which people’s basic needs are not only met, but fulfilled in a way that sustains the environment.


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