28 Jun 2024

What Is LEIA?

LEIA is the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry, it was formed in 1997 by the merging of two long-standing associations with history dating back to 1932.

Across the UK there are 163 registered companies that are members of LEIA, they cover 85% of the lift and escalator industry because of this LEIA represents a single voice for the lift and escalator industry.

LEIA members supply passenger and goods/service lifts, stairlifts, home lifts, lifting platforms, escalators, passenger conveyors as well as a number of component parts for such products. In addition to this, LEIA members are responsible for the maintenance of over 300,000 products that fall under the scope of the Association.

Despite it being seen as unusual for a trade association; LEIA is proud to hold ISO 9001 certification! LEIA has established this certification as a criterion for membership of the Association. Certification to ISO 9001 aids in expressing that the member companies of LIEA have the people, facilities, technical expertise, management systems and track record to undertake work professionally and competently.

LEIA requires that certification is achieved through a UKAS accredited body, ISO 9001 assists member companies in satisfying conformity assessment procedures under the Lift Regulations 1997 for the evaluation of technical competence, procedures which are subject to third party annual audits.

Information and advice are provided by LEIA on all industry related statutory requirements as well as health and safety matters and European and international technical standards. This information is provided through workshops, seminars, reports, etc. Much of this information is easy to find and can be downloaded from LEIA’s official website.

 LEIA also works in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI), in order to produce recommendations for the best practice in the sale, installation, and aftercare of personal lifting products.

LEIA’s “Code of Practice for Personal Lifting Equipment” includes measures directed at the removal or easing of customer concerns and undesirable trade practices arising within the personal lifting equipment sectors of the lift and escalator business.


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