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28 Jun 2024

Net Zero in the Lift Industry

What is Net Zero, and why is it important?


28 Jun 2024

What Is LEIA?

A brief overview of LEIA

Worlds Weirdest Lifts

28 Jun 2024

Our Products & Their History

A brief overview of some of our key products and the history behind them.

Worlds Weirdest Lifts

28 Jun 2024

The World's Most Unique Lifts

The weird and wonderful lifts from across the world

Elevators in Media

27 Jun 2024

Memorable Lift Scenes In TV & Film

Let's look at some notable moments featuring lifts in the history of TV & Film.

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12 Jan 2024

Business Administrator - Apprenticeship

Based at Manchester Regional Office

Roller Shutter Doors

20 Sep 2023

Installation of 3 new insulated roller shutter doors

Pickerings Loading Systems worked with Ricardo Automotive & Industrial to upgrade their cold-room roller shutter doors.

Maften Hall, Luxury Bespoke Passenger Lift

11 Jun 2023

Luxury Bespoke Passenger Lift in Historical Building

Matfen Hall Country Hotel, Spa and Golf Estate

Refurb of two scissor lifts

01 Jun 2023

Scissor Lift Refurbishments for National Retailer

Why replace when you can modernise?

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