04 Apr 2022

Towner Art Gallery - Lift Maintenance and Installation

Towner Art Gallery opened in 1923, following the death of local alderman John Chisholm Towner, who bequested paintings and money in his will to create an art gallery for the people of Eastbourne.

The Gallery has gone from strength to strength, moving into larger premises in 2009 and moving from local authority management to becoming an independent charitable trust in 2014, as well as winning several cultural and architectural awards.

Pickerings Lifts started working with Towner Art Gallery in 2017, maintaining, repairing and servicing a passenger lift and a high level access lift on behalf of the organization.

The passenger lift is an 80-person hydraulic ThyssenKrupp lift, which is used to not only move people between the art gallery’s four floors but to also move large artwork and sculptures around the building.

Our Regional Manager for Pickerings Lifts South Coast office said:

“One of our unique selling points as a company is that we have the knowledge and expertise to maintain a wide range of different lifts. Our engineers undertake regular training in order to ensure that they can easily maintain lifts manufactured by different companies."

“Two of our locally-based engineers were formally with ThyssenKrupp, so have the background knowledge required to keep the Towner Art Gallery’s lift in excellent working condition.“

Towner Art Gallery attracts over 100,000 visitors a year of many different ages and cultures. With this in mind, engineers and management staff that look after Towner Art Gallery are customer care and cultural awareness trained, and are Data Barring Service (DBS) checked, both on induction and every 36 months thereafter.

All engineers and management staff on the contract also have safeguarding training, so that they are aware of the welfare of visitors at all times, especially older, disabled and younger people, alerting the art gallery team to any concerns that they have.

Niamh Pearce, Deputy Director at the Towner Art Gallery said: “At the Towner Art Gallery, we’re committed to being accessible to all. The lifts we have on site enable us to provide access to people with disabilities, as well as families with buggies and pushchairs. The engineers at Pickerings Lifts are knowledgeable, friendly and enable us to provide a high quality experience to all of our visitors.”


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