04 Apr 2022

Part replacement for National Wholesaler

The motor pump had failed on a competitor’s hydraulic passenger lift and we were asked to come and fix the problem.

After arriving on site, our engineer was advised that the pump and motor had been taken away by our competitor and they had said that the part needed to solve the problem would take 16 weeks to order – too long for the lift to remain out of service.

We utilised the strong supplier relationships we have developed due to being in business for over 160 years and we were able to trace the motor to a repair shop in the local area, meaning we could do a full investigation and diagnose the fault.

Once we knew the problem, we were able to obtain prices for the new part, get it delivered and install it in the lift. We did this in nine days, start to finish.

Our client was delighted with the rapid turnaround and the extra effort we invested in getting the lift working again.


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