04 Apr 2022

Oxford Brookes University - Lift Maintenance and Installation

Oxford Brookes University traces its roots to the formation of the Oxford School of Art in 1865 and has provided education to people of the city and beyond ever since. The University has over 2,800 members of staff and around 18,000 students, as well as 130,000 alumni in over 189 countries.

Oxford Brookes University has placed significant investment into its estate over the past few years, with a £220 million, ten-year investment plan currently underway to provide high quality services to students, staff and visitors.

The lifts we service as part of this contract include passenger lifts, goods lifts, service lifts and access lifts.

We have extensive experience of working in the education sector and provide maintenance for schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

For example, planned maintenance visits are scheduled for times when disruption to staff and students is minimised, and our engineers and management staff undertake customer care and cultural awareness training, vital for working alongside students of all ages and cultures.

As well as lift maintenance and repair, Pickerings Lifts also installed two machine room-less (MRL) passenger lifts (one eight-person, one five-person) at Oxford Brookes University in 2016.

We installed the lifts in-between June and September, outside of semester time to reduce disruption to students.

MRL lifts eliminate the need for a separate machine room, as all the equipment is located within the lift shaft, saving space, as well as being more energy efficient.

We have been working with Oxford Brookes University for nineteen years, with the University renewing their contract with us on several occasions.

Representatives from Pickerings Lifts and the University meet on a regular basis to discuss the contract and ensure any issues that surface are quickly addressed and resolved.

Steve Holtom, Senior Estates & Electrical Services Manager at Oxford Brookes University said: “Pickerings Lifts continue to provide an excellent service for the maintenance and service of all Oxford Brookes University lifts across the estate.

Their engineers demonstrate an in depth knowledge of our lifts as well as dedication in ensuring all works are completed within time scales as defined within our KPIs.

The Contract Manager and his team continue to support us with the estates ‘live’ lift reporting system of work which has benefited both staff and students alike.

"I would recommend Pickering Lifts as a provider for a lift service and maintenance contract covering a large estate.”


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