04 Apr 2022

Lift Modernisation for a Hotel in Jersey

The lift was installed in 1980, covering the three floors of the building. Although the lift was in a serviceable condition, a renovation was due.

Ian Woodward, Regional Manager at Pickerings Lifts said: “The old lift met the standards of the day, however it was agreed that a modernisation was in the hotel’s best interests to prolong the life of the lift and ensure it worked efficiently.”

The lift was installed under the Health and Safety at Work (Lifts) (Jersey) Regulations 1990 for the insurance person to issue a certificate of Thorough Examination of Lifts a supporting supplementary test 4.05.02 comprehensive machine test had to be undertaken and passed. When the lift was installed it did not require an overspeed governor, however the legislation changed and Jersey included it their Health and Safety at work regulations 1990.

Ian said:

“We attended the hotel to assess the lift and see what needed replacing. The hotel had kept the lift in good condition, so there were some parts that could be kept, for example, the car doors and landing doors. We believe in integrity and will work with our customers on renovations in order to ensure that only the parts that need replacing are replaced, in order to save time and money.”

Prior to the refurbishment a decision was made to replace and install all three landing entrances and both the sets of the lift cars and operators.

Preparation work was completed by the hotel before we started the modernisation. The main roof access point was extended and the trapdoor was improved to make it easier for a lift engineer to access the lift machine room. The main lift isolator with a ‘lock off’ facility was installed.

A start date was set, however it was delayed due to Storm Eleanor (first week of January 2018) and took four weeks from start to finish. Work carried out included:

  • A new lift controller
  • A full replacement of the gear unit. As the previous gear unit was very old, supplementary testing was required, however the installation of a new gear unit means supplementary testing was no longer needed, saving time and money for the hotel
  • A full motor room shaft and car re-wire
  • Replacement of the shaft lighting, including the installation of emergency lighting, to ensure lighting in a power cut. The lighting in the lift car was also replaced with LED lighting, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • Installation of a new shaft information system, along with new travelling cables.
  • Installation of an overspeed governor with safety gear, in order to ensure that the lift does not run beyond its rated speed and complies with health and safety legislation
  • Renewal of limit switches
  • New landing entrances inclusive of architraves, doors, digital indicators and push stations.
  • Two new sets of car folding doors with operators.
  • The lift car was refurbished to improve the look and feel of the lift, which included new wall coverings, new car ceiling inclusive of LED lighting one of an emergency, new car mirror, new car floor covering, a new car operating station including digital indicator and pushes.

The work was planned to coincide with the hotels three week winter closer, however due to the delayed start date half of the work was undertaken while the hotel was open to customers. Pickerings Lifts engineers took extra care to keep noise and dust to a minimum, with clear signage placed across the hotel to ensure that customers and hotel staff were aware of what was taking place.

The Managing Director of the hotel said:

“We were delighted with the result of the lift modernisation that Pickerings Lifts provided. Our lift is now more reliable and is more in line with the décor of our hotel.”


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