04 Apr 2022

Industrial Door and Dock Leveller Maintenance for a Food Supplier

Our portfolio is comprised of over 400 industrial doors of varying types and over 130 dock levellers.

Our client is one of the world’s largest logistics and transportation providers, a significant portion of which is dedicated to the storage and distribution of food and beverage items. As such, they have highly controlled warehouse environments where the handling and processing of these goods takes place.

Our extensive experience of working with food/beverage distributors has allowed for an awareness and understanding of the various measures which must be taken when operating in this environment. This includes hygiene procedures such as medical questionnaires, hand-washing, tool and equipment sanitation, and ensuring that the necessary protective attire is worn where required, such as hair nets. We also remain open to carry out any further training which may be required, this includes inductions before being permitted site access, or training courses provided by the company or a third party.

Operating in occupied spaces or high traffic areas is a commonplace practice throughout our portfolio, and it is understood that our procedures have the potential to cause some disruption to everyday processes. To combat this we attempt to minimise our disturbance by conversing with site managers prior to attending site, this is to arrange a mutually beneficial point within the agreed service times to conduct servicing, such as times when less traffic is expected.

We are also aware of the importance of of ensuring that there is no disruption to the temperature of climate-controlled areas, as this could be detrimental to the produce stored within this environment, which in turn can negatively affect the business. As such, we take care to discuss this in advance with site managers and take every precaution necessary to ensure minimal disruption.

As a busy distribution service, our client is heavily reliant on having fully operational docks and doors to ensure that business runs smoothly, especially in the case of time-sensitive deliveries. It is important for a company such as this to ensure that breakdowns are kept at an absolute minimum and any call-outs are responded to quickly at whatever time of day.

Our high-quality, preventative maintenance regime ensures that the need for call-outs is minimal, however, should the need arise, we operate a 24-hour, 365-day phone line and call-out service.


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