08 Apr 2022

Escalator Repair for a Retail Store

Escalator repair in retail store
Escalator repair in retail store

Escalator Repair

One of our clients in the retail sector had taken over a building previously owned by another retailer and the building was being fully renovated before the new store was opened.

Traditional servicing

We were asked to clean down and service two escalators as part of the renovation.

One of the escalators had a damaged step that needed further investigation. We safely isolated the escalator so we could investigate the problem.

One of the building contractors had dropped a scaffolding pole through the step, meaning that the step-chain and pins needed to be replaced.

The escalator was a hybrid escalator, meaning that we were unable to use open protocol parts to repair it, and a specific replacement could not be found from a UK supplier.

Rapid repair fix

We therefore sourced a local engineering company to manufacture bespoke parts for us, allowing us to complete the full repair and bring the escalator back into service within 48 hours, in time for the store to open to the public.

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