Goods Lift Installation
Safely transporting your goods where they need to be

Pickerings Lifts can supply, design and install a wide range of goods lifts to move goods, stock and products (as well as passengers) around your building, from floor to floor, no matter what loading capacity you require.

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We are focused on your needs and how we can deliver on them.

Our range of goods lifts and heavy duty lifts are designed and made with the highest quality, durable equipment, ensuring reliability in safely transporting your goods where they need to be.

Our lifting equipment is found in buildings including warehouses, supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels and local authorities across the UK.

We will manage the installation from start to finish, with our highly qualified and skilled engineers installing your goods lift for you. We can also service and maintain your lift once it is installed.

We can also design and install bespoke lifts to fit your requirements.

Our range of goods lifts are designed to move items from 300kg to 10,000kg.

The range of goods lifts we offer includes:

MRL lifts

Our Machine-Room-Less (MRL) lifts, including the best-selling Rhino Lift, are ideal for low and midrise buildings as the lift motor on an MRL lift does not need a motor room; the motor is stored in the elevator shaft instead, saving space.

MRL lifts are also more environmentally friendly as they use less electricity and do not use oil.

Traction goods lifts

Traction lifts are the ideal choice where goods need to be carried across many floors smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Our traction lifts are also available as MRL lifts where the machine is located in the shaft’s pit or headroom.

Hydraulic goods lifts

Hydraulic lifts are ideal for moving goods if you need an easy to install, cost-effective solution to your lift requirements.

They also require less installation space than traction lifts.

Heavy duty lifts

Heavy duty lifts (often known as car lifts) are ideal for carrying bulky, heavy loads like vehicles. They are essential for factories, workshops and other industrial settings.

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