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Dock Levellers – a description

A dock leveller (dock leveler, US) is an item of loading equipment. In conjunction with pit edge angles, buffers and other loading bay accessories, they are designed to bridge the gap between a loading bay and trailer bed, compensating and overcoming differences in vehicle load heights.

They are one of the most effective means to rationalise distribution costs and lower carbon emissions, potentially reducing your warehouse running costs by up to 40%.

They are commonly used in the warehousing, logistics, distribution and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries.

Pickerings Lifts can help you select the right size dock leveller, layout, service and maintenance plan to best suit your requirements.

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Introduction to our range

We have a comprehensive range of dock levellers to suit all applications.  These are versatile pieces of equipment that work in any loading bay environments, including warehouses, distribution hubs, logistics centres and manufacturing environments.

Our Range of Dock Levellers includes:


Electro Hydraulic

  • Available with a hinge lip or telescopic lip for extra reach up to 1,000mm
  • Loading capacities up to 10,000kg

Manually Operated

  • These docks require no power supply and the levellers are activated by a chain pull and spring mechanism
  • Loading capacities up to 6,000kg

Loadhog/Vertical Leveller

  • Offers versatility of a dock leveller without the need for a pit or power supply
  • Loading capacities up to 6,000kg

Edge of Dock Leveller

  • A low-cost alternative suitable for loading and unloading vehicles with a similar bed height to the dock itself
  • Manually operated so no need for a pit or power supply

Designed to work with MHE

Our dock levellers are designed to meet UK gradient guidelines governing from dock edge to vehicle bed height, and type of Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE – ie: fork lift trucks, pallet trucks, powered pallet truck, man-ride-on trucks, etc.)

All of our dock levellers are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1398:2019.

Geographical areas covered

Pickerings Lifts covers the whole of the UK.  We have twelve regional offices, and two dedicated Loading Systems offices.

With more than 200 engineers UK-wide, we have the resources and the capacity to respond to any dock leveller servicing needs.  Each of our loading systems offices, and specialist dock leveller engineers carry stock spares for emergency call-out purposes, with the aim of completing the emergency repair on a first-fix visit.

Dock Leveller support, maintenance and servicing

Pickerings Lifts supports all installation of dock levellers and associated loading bay accessories, with full maintenance, Pre-planned Maintenance (PPM) packages and emergency call-out and repairs.  We also supply bespoke critical repair and spares packages to meet customer demands.

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