Vehicle Restraints
Greatly improve your loading bay safety

Our range of vehicle restraint systems improve loading systems safety and prevent hazards whilst loading and unloading.

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Our range of vehicle restraints consist of three different types, which greatly improve safety to prevent loading hazards such as:

  • Vehicle Creep: When the trailer creeps forward beyond the reach of the dock leveller lip, causing the lip to slip off the trailer bed
  • Roll away and Trailer Tip: When the trailer tips forward if too much weight is placed towards the front of the trailer
  • Unexpected Drive Offs: When drivers think loading is complete and pull away whilst the loading bay operative is still loading

Surface Mounted SLSC Vehicle Restraint

  • Our most common surface mounted automatic vehicle restraint
  • Fitted in conjunction with wheel guides, traffic lights and mimic lights on the internal control panel

Pitbull Restraint

  • Fitted to the dock wall or yard floor
  • This device ‘grabs’ the rear trailer bar, with a simple to use push button operation

Universal In-Ground Auto Chock – UTC

  • Flush mounted vehicle restraint embedded in the ground
  • Leave a flat, clear yard to aid cleaning and other cross-yard traffic duties

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