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Pickerings Lifts’ Modernisation Service offers a full turnkey solution to improve your lift. We include detailed surveys, designs, project management, installation and commissioning – all carried out by our experienced Lift Modernisation team. Improving all types and complexity of lifts, we can also make energy saving and environmentally friendly improvements. Plus, all of our equipment is open protocol for future maintenance flexibility and availability of spare parts.

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As a forward thinking company we are constantly developing the solutions of the future.

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  • LIFT AESTHETICS Fitting new panels, flooring, wall finishes, handrails and lighting.
  • CHANGES OF USE Updating controllers, drive systems and door systems.
  • ENSURING RELIABILITY Replacing old, damaged or ageing systems.
  • REDUCING ENERGY USAGE Installing improved regeneration drives and control systems to reduce energy consumption and in some cases, return energy back into the building.
  • MEETING NEW SAFETY REGULATIONS Bringing the lift back up to current safety standards, ensuring components are upgraded and new features are included which comply, with today’s safety regulations.
  • INSTALLING GEARLESS LIFTS Replacing old drives for modern technology.
  • USING 3RD PARTY EQUIPMENT Installing Open Protocol Equipment for ease in maintenance and future repairs.

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