We will expertly specify, design and install any new passenger, access or goods lift, including hydraulic, traction and specialist lifts.


Our sales and installation teams will provide you with first-class service and exceptional engineering expertise. From our 12 Regional Offices around the UK, they will work closely with you, initially specifying the best product for your individual requirements, then designing, installing and maintaining it. Whether choosing a lift from our standard range or one manufactured specifically for you, the result is a lift which offers long-lasting smooth, quiet and energy efficient service.

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Passenger Lifts

Pickerings Lifts supply and install a range of passenger lifts designed to meet your needs. Passenger lifts are designed to be versatile and aesthetically pleasing in a wide range of finishes, whilst being reliable and energy efficient to the highest in modern day standards. We offer the following types of passenger lift:

  • Traction Passenger Lift
  • Hydraulic Passenger Lift

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Goods Lifts

Pickerings Lifts range of goods lifts are designed and made with high quality modern equipment, ensuring reliability in transporting your goods to where they need to be. Our goods lifts are designed to move items from 300kg to 10,000kg, with the following types available:

  • Hydraulic Goods Lifts
  • Traction Goods Lifts
  • Car Lifts
Compact Lifts

Our compact lifts offer a user-friendly solution for all types of private and public buildings. Available in 4, 6 and 8 person cars, they have a wide range of styles and finishes, ensuring your compact lift is aesthetically pleasing, efficient, quiet and reliable.

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BKG Service Lifts

Pickerings Lifts can supply and install a range of BKG Service Lifts designed for transporting small items such as food or documents and bulky but light items such as laundry, waste or retail goods. All service lifts come as a complete unit with their own self-supporting structure to minimise installation time. Our BKG Service Lifts include:

  • Dumbwaiters
  • Trolley Lifts
  • Under Bar Service Lift
  • Combination Lifts
Platform lifts

Our platform lifts provide simple and reliable solutions for all kinds of accessibility needs.

Platform lifts offer lower costs than traditional lift solutions and can be fitted quickly and efficiently with high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Platform lifts are a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools, shops and residential buildings.

Contact us to see how we can fit the perfect platform lift to suit your requirements.

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