Shutter Door Replacement
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We recently replaced 16 shutter doors on behalf of a large national wholesaler. The work took place over the space of three weeks and was carried out by two of our highly skilled loading systems engineers.

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High quality, durable, secure shutter doors are essential in an environment like a wholesalers.

Doors need to open and close to receive goods several times a day, often in inclement weather conditions.

As the building was in use by the wholesaler during the installation, our engineers worked around staff, ensuring that disruption was kept to a minimum and that lorries could continue to access the building. We also worked alongside one of the wholesaler’s electrical contractors in order to install the doors.

Our engineers worked closely with the warehouse manager, keeping him up to date with what work had been completed, what work was due to be done, and any issues, ensuring that the project was completed on time and to budget.

The warehouse manager said: “The Pickerings Lifts engineers worked quickly and efficiently to complete the work to an exceptionally high standard.”

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