Installation of an Overhead Sectional Door
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Our Loading Systems team installed an overhead sectional door (often referred to as an OHSD) for a retail store in Sheffield.

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The old roller shutter door was on a ramp. As the door had become severely damaged over time, it was making it increasingly hard for the store to accept deliveries.

Overhead Sectional Door install before


Our team removed the old door and installed a new overhead sectional door.

Overhead Sectional Door install during
During the installation


The door was finished off with some beautiful goose-wing grey fascias and a wicket gate was installed, so that staff could exit and enter the building without having to fully open the door.

The install was a challenging one due to the ramp and location of the store, which was in the busy city centre, however our engineers worked hard, delivering the install within budget and on time.

Overhead Sectional Door install after
After the installation


Our customer was really impressed with the new door, which is already making it easier to accept deliveries.

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