Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems open doors to national wholesaler
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Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems team recently carried out a large project at a site in Birmingham on behalf of a large national wholesaler.

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The project saw the replacement of all loading bay equipment on site including docks, doors and vehicle restraints.

Pickerings Lifts replaced four dock levellers, four vehicle restraints and 13 electric and manual doors to bring the site up to current legislative standards.

Shaun Parry, Loading Systems Deputy Project Manager for Pickerings Lifts said “The client required several products including doors and roller shutters to be installed on site. We’ve worked with the client for a very long time and were happy to devise a unique specification to suit their requirements.”

Before starting the project, Shaun and his team worked with the client’s electrical contractor to specify and supply the various rated electrical supplies required for the new electric doors and vehicle restraints.

A team of five at Pickerings Lifts were involved in the project including Shaun, the Head of Loading Systems Projects and three highly-skilled Loading Systems Engineers.

The Loading Systems team also worked with our Lift Maintenance team to upgrade the manual roller shutters in front of the onsite goods and passenger lifts to electric roller shutters.

The two business streams worked together to interlock the new roller shutters with the existing lifts push button controls, to prevent staff and members of the public getting trapped between the roller shutter and lift doors.

Doors at wholesalers

Other works that took place included upgrading the manual doors in the underground car park to electric ones, running the electric cables inside the car park’s lift shaft to conceal them, as well as securing the control panels for the doors in lockable steel enclosures and installing new key switch activation, to ensure security in areas open to the public.

Loading Systems door

Shaun managed the project and regularly visited the site to review progress and meet with the client’s representatives.

As the project was taking place on an active live site, Pickerings Lift’s engineers frequently worked out of hours to install the equipment in order to avoid downtime to their operations.

Once the products were installed and tested, the client’s facilities team came to Birmingham to view the results. They were delighted with the results, so much so that they have asked Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems team to bring their other sites up to standard too.

Shaun concluded: “We installed a variety of different products across the whole site. There were some challenges along the way but we’re proud of the work we have done and we’re looking forward to rolling out these products to the client’s remaining sites.”

Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems will continue to service and maintain all the products on site to ensure they remain fully-functional and last a long time.

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