Loading Bay Lifts and Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems – An Uplifting Partnership
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Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems has been working with Loading Bay Lifts for the past three years to supply and install scissor lifts for customers across the country.

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Loading Bay Lifts, a company based in Aylesbury, manufacture and supply low profile, surface mounted and mobile scissor lifts across the UK.

Loading Bay Lifts and Pickerings Lifts worked together to supply and install twelve scissor lifts for one of the top four supermarkets in the UK, a long-standing client of Pickerings Lifts.

The scissor lifts were delivered on the back of a HIAB lorry and installed at various locations across the UK, including Bellshill and Partick in Scotland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Maidstone and Margate in Kent.

The scissor lifts are used by the supermarket chain to receive goods off the back of vehicles so they can be transferred to the ground and for transporting goods out of the store to the ground level.

Geoff Bullock, Head of Loading Systems Projects at Pickerings Lifts said “Loading Bay Lifts are a pleasure to work with. They have a great quality product that we are proud to install and they go above and beyond with their customer service, even providing training courses for our service engineers.”

Richard Spinks, Director of Loading Bay Lifts said: “We are pleased to supply Pickerings Lifts Loading Systems with high-quality scissor lifts and we hope to be working with them for many years to come.“

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