Two lift modernisation for a hospital
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Pickerings Lifts worked with Capital Services to modernise two x 33 person bed lifts at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

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The two lifts take patients, staff and equipment to and from the operating theatres. It is vital that the lifts work efficiently to ensure minimal disruption, and must be easy to sterilise to prevent the spread of bacterial infections like MRSA.

The previous lifts were installed nearly twenty years ago and although they had had some minor refurbishment work in the past, the lifts had some issues with performance and reliability. The work undertaken on the modernisation project included:

  • Lift rewiring
  • Fitting of new safety gears
  • A new control panel with new auto-dialler system installed, to ensure that if there was an entrapment the people and equipment in the lift could be released as quickly as possible
  • New steel plates fitted under the lift car
  • New architraves fitted (interior moulding that sits around the doorway of the top of the lift)
  • Lift car refurbishment, including slip resistant flooring, stainless steel and sealed joints, which are easier to keep clean
  • New lift flooring – uplighting rather than downlighting, to avoid light shining into patients’ eyes when being transported on beds

The lifts were refurbished one at a time, so that one lift was always available for use.

Refurbished lift on right hand side, unfurbished lift on left hand side

Refurbished lift on right hand side, unrefurbished lift on left hand side

To prevent unnecessary delays, we ordered all of the components required  for the refurbishment before the project began.

Old car top and new car top controls

Old car top and new car top controls

As Pickerings Lifts was working in an active hospital setting, extra precautions were taken to ensure a safe, clean and hygienic environment. Full height hoardings were installed and sealed while engineers were working to reduce the amount of dust and noise produced.

Full height hoardings


Engineers and management staff were especially aware of the risk of contamination, and maintained good standards of infection prevention on site, including hand hygiene, the safe removal of waste, and ensuring that vehicles used to carry equipment on site were kept clean, as well as parking in the designated car parks and parking bays in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Old and new control panel

Old and new control panel

Ian Newman, Project Manager for Pickerings Lifts said: “Pickerings Lifts has a wide range of experience working in hospital environments, both NHS and private. Due to the nature of hospitals, it is important to be aware of what is going on at all times, as well as a need to be flexible, especially in a theatre environment where both scheduled and unscheduled surgery is taking place.”



“This is the first time we have worked with Capital Services and we were in close contact with them at all times, ensuring that they knew how we were progressing and working with them to minimise disturbance.”

Once the lifts were installed, they were thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that they were ready for use.

Capital Services Project Manager Paul Kershaw said “We were delighted with the work undertaken by Pickerings Lifts. They went above and beyond to ensure minimal disruption at the hospital and provided us with a high-quality finish on the renovated lifts.”

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